Eth 125

CheckPoint: Modern Challenges in Immigration

There are many immigrants that are coming over to the United States and most of them end up going back or lock up because of something bad they did. Some create gangs or join them, sale drugs or does them, or even rob people homes. There is the little few immigrants that actually come to the states to have a better life for them or for them and their family. Those are the people who should be able to come to the United States but the question is how do you really know who is in which of the two groups. So I do not think that the United States government policy should favor but should have a harder system to determine who is really here for what. Going back on the system on figuring out which immigrants should be able to come to the United States, in my opinion I would say the most talented that is able to make a difference and to better our states and communities and maybe the neediest who just want to better themselves and their family. I also do not believe that applications from certain countries should be given priority. If we are all about being equal then we should follow that. Every country should be treated the same; if the person does not have a great reason to come to the United States then they should just stay in their country. Keep the good in and the bad out that is how I see it.