Eternal Life

Would it be a curse or a blessing to live eternally?
I believe it would be both a cure and a blessing to live forever. It would be a curse because you would have to endure every hardship and endeavor for all eternity. But it would also be a blessing because you wouldn’t age, and you would not have the limits of time which everyone else in the world is challenged with.
It would first be a curse because living forever means you must live knowing you will never perish. This is awful because you cannot get out of any situation no matter how horrific, for example, torture. Another reason it would be a curse to live eternally is because you would see your entire family and friends all die around you, for an everlasting amount of generations to come. The final reason it would be terrible to live for all eternity is that you would never grow or mature physically, this means that whichever age you are you stay, even if it was seven, or seventy seven.
There are many positive sides of living forever. One of these is that you would get to experience everything you could think up without restrictions of age, danger, and time. Also you could have many friends and memories that would last you literally, forever.
In conclusion, there are many positive and negative aspects of having an eternal life. If I was offered a chance to live forever, I would have to turn it down due to the fact of never being able to change your mind or meet God, which is why we were made in the first place.