Establishing Ground Rules

Purpose of ground rules
The main purpose of establishing the ground rules are  
Facilitate discussion
To make the environment of the class respectful that everybody has an opportunity to participate in the discussion
Encourage the students to work collaboratively in a respectful environment
I will discuss three different ways of establishing the ground rules
“Animals and human relationships are governed by rules. Some, such as the rules of golf, are explicit .they are available to all players in a written form .any player who breaks these rules is penalised. Other sets of rules, or codes of conduct, are implicit ,unspoken,uncodified.Hens for example, have a pecking order.”
John Bryson(1998) Effective Classroom Management.London.hodder group
1 Small group method
• 2 Brookfield and per skills   method
• 3 Acronym method
• Small group method
Break students into group’s .Give each group and index and ask them to make a list .
Ask them if they want to add any more to the rules .
Select that method and ask them why they select that method there might be some overlap.
Open the list for discussion.
Let the student’s debate.
At the end of the debate let them vote this allow them to select which should be the ground rules for the semester.
Record the rules .Copy the list and bring it to the section the following week .
Periodically let the class look at the end weather the ground rules have been followed or not

• Second method
Brookfield and perskills method
In this method divide the class into two groups .Best or Bad .
Note the things which make it best. Also note the things which make them bad .
Use the student suggestion to draft a set of ground rules on which you all agree
Record the ground rules .Copy the list and bring it to section the following week .
Periodically have a look weather the class followed or not followed the ground rules.
“Consulting pupils about the social conditions of learning in the classroom and how these social...