Essay Writing: Happiness Consists of Not Longing for the Things That Makes Us Happy.

Happiness these days is usually based on either materialistic wants or on the seldom occasion, inner most desires.
Once these dreams, desires or wants have been achieved, some say it is ‘eternal happiness’ others just say, ‘yay, now on to the next materialistic want.’                                 The sort of people are the ones that subconsciously have no idea what it is that they really want, know this, and try to replace the feeling with money-oriented objects. These people usually have no long term goals set for themselves.

A lot is said that people with future dreams, or desires, in which they know that they would be satisfied with, would have a bright future ahead.                                             This is because with ‘wishes' or desires, it gives us in general, something to look forward to, and with something to look forward to, we try our best to ‘get there.’
Heres an example: Jenny, for years has wanted to become a singer, which instinctively make her want to try her best in class.
But sometimes due to spiteful discouragement, these things we love or want, get pushed back or forgotten, which leaves the person with either a deeper longing.

With these deeper longings in place, it (for some people) is very hard to stay focussed on other given tasks or upcoming events, problems or to even stay happy.                         So, in other words, if these wants are really hard to deal with, then it’s either time to snap into action and do what you want, not care about what everyone else thinks, or forget about it and think an easier goal.
And finally, if all else fails and this is something that you really want to do, then keep the same goal in which could consist of smaller gaols which eventually lead up to your final larger goal.
Even if that doesn’t work it is better to just focus on ‘needs’ rather than wants for the time being, until you either have enough courage to do or get what it is that you desire, or completely forget about it....