UG Krishnamurti in a nutshell
Anyone who comes into contact with the ultra fascinating life-story and circumstances of UG Krishnamurti (not to be confused with J (Jedda) Krishnamurti) is in for a ride straight to the gates of whatever you define as your hell. In fact, it's like being alone in a car in the back seat, blindfolded!
There is no bigger shock in life than to discover that what you have been fruitlessly searching for all of your life, your 'Restaurant at the End of the Universe' - simply doesn't exist! This is putting it 'nicely'. The way it comes out of UG's mouth has caused in people prolonged depression and suicidal actions: "There is no power outside of man. Man has created God out of fear."
Many simply can't take it. UG spoke with authority and conviction. He loved to be blunt, and it cost him many friendships - but he wouldn't have considered those people as having as friends to begin with, so it never bothered him.
The Enlightenment of UG Krishnamurti
UG Krishmanurti (everyone called him simply U.G.) achieved worldwide cult status and a strange 'non-following' for the last forty years of his life up until his death at the age of eighty-nine in 2007 (read his obituary*).
UG never stopped proclaiming that all of religion, including the greatest enlightened beings of all time, Jesus, Siddhartha Gautama, J.Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharshi - and all aspects of the 'guru-business' including the Vedic literature - was a false and deceiving facade that did more harm than good.
UG was adamant that buying in to any of the innumerable spiritual disciplines and/or methods actually took a body further away from what he insists is the natural state. UG himself lived in that natural state, the state without awareness of self, ever since his 'Calamity' transformation in 1967. This is the highly sought-after state of enlightenment called moksha.
Make no mistake about it, UG himself, once proclaimed in his own portfolio (scrapbook) as "One of the most brilliant...