Erickson's Timeline

Erikson's Timeline
Angie Marquez
PSY 230
December 20, 2015
Patricia Giero, PhD

Erikson's Timeline
Erikson’s timeline consists of eight stages of life. The eight stages of life are infancy, early childhood, childhood or play age, school age, adolescence, young adulthood, mature adulthood, and old age (McAdams, 2009). After reviewing each of the eight stages of life I have found that I am currently in the sixth stage, young adulthood. While learning about the different stages I have come to the conclusion that my boyfriend is also in the sixth stage and my son is in the first stage, infancy.
I will be 21 next month and I feel that I have just entered into young adulthood because I have only recently developed a strong sense of identity. During this stage is when it is important to develop close and committed relationships. Lack of committed relationships can result in isolation and loneliness. The basic conflict that occurs within young adulthood is intimacy vs. isolation and the central question is “How can I love?” (McAdams, 2009). The different ways that I have sought to answer this question is by trying to develop different relationships in my life and make any current relationships I have stronger. My parents and I have always been very close and after moving out and now living over an hour away from them I am constantly looking for ways to make sure that we maintain the tightness that we have always had. We still speak every day and share everything with each other. Recently my boyfriend and I have also been working on improving our relationship. Just last night we talked about what may help us to maintain closeness with each other and commitment as we are growing together and so many changes are happening in our life. I will continue to work hard on the relationships in my life to be able to answer that question and move on to the next step in life when the time comes.
My son, Josiah, will be a year old next month and he is currently in the infancy...