Erebus Voice

The Erebus voice by Bill Manhire was tragedy that touched New Zealanders from the Erebus tragedy in Antarctica, remembering Peter Mulgrew in the crash, Bill Manhire wrote the poem Erebus voice which was read by Peter’s close friend Sir Edmund Hilary. Personally this had shocked me because it was my first time hearing about a plane crashing on Mount Erebus.  
At first I found it to have a lot of repetition with “I am” I thought he was speaking about his experience about a relationship that went wrong with a women but as I kept reading I changed my opinion because of the title ‘The mountain’ it didn’t fit in the poem to me, so I did some research on it out, finding online articles of people talking about an crash in the Antarctic at 1979, what I   don’t understand is that why send people to Antarctica, of course for geographical/animal research but to me I would expect a professional pilot to take me to Antarctica because of the conditions with weather and climax, I wouldn’t want to risk my life with an ordinary pilot but might have been other reasons the plane might of crashed, no one knows.
I especially like “I am here beside my brother Terror”, “I am the place of human error” because I found signs of rhythm which gives me the reader that he’s using second person narration. “I am tears which you will weep tomorrow” at first I thought it was talking contentious rain but as I changed my opinion, it talked about how families would miss their loved ones that died in the crash, finding out the next day that your family or friend had died. I can empathized with that with my grandfather’s death, mistakes or certain situation/problems that can affect humans in life or death. Another similar incident with the MH13 plane that gone missing, shows that even the countries   combine they can’t do anything, about the deaths of the poor souls that are still missing or died ad those family members that want an answer of why it is missing.
“I am the place of ice. I am the debris...