Equiano a Self Made Man

Chelsea Zizza
World Civ : Equiano Paper
Dr. Grieco

Equiano: a Self Made Man
          T here was quite a few circumstances that can be brought into account for Equianos gained freedom. Even though Equiano was a literate and intelligent free slave, he still has similarities and differences with other slaves. I do believe Equianos biography was published for a purpose, and was very crucial to the slave trade of the time in the 1700’s. This Biography was a very good layout of legitimately giving me an illustration of how life was for a real slave.  
I like to think of Equiano as a very lucky man. Given his time of living, his color, and the circumstances of the world at the time, he was very lucky to end up the way he did. There were many circumstances that should be taken account for when it comes to how he gained his freedom. It is relevant to say that Equiano bought his freedom. Not only did he buy his freedom, but he was also quite successful after his enslavement. It is also pertinent to say that Equiano was a slave, he lived as a slave for quite some time, therefore of course he will have similarities and differences with other slaves; given his accomplishments that followed him being a slave. There were quite a few similarities that were illustrated in the biography, that most definitely let us know Equiano was a slave. In the beginning we learn Equiano was kidnapped when he was just ten years old by African Kinsmen. Equiano was from a village called “Assaka”, he is said to be an Igbo. This region is now present day Nigeria. He was kidnapped while his parents were out, him and his sister taken by the kinsmen and sold into the African Slave trade. This was very common in Africa during this period of time, around the year 1755. From the African slave trade Equiano would soon become a victim of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. The book calls this the largest forced migration in history. I believe it to be obvious that none of the people who...