Equal Ops Policy

Equal opportunities policy

The Children Act 1989 states:
Children from a very young age learn about different races and cultures, and will be capable of assigning different values to them. The same applies to gender, and making distinctions between male and female roles. It is important that people working with young children are aware of this so that their practice enables children to develop positive attitudes for differences of race, culture, language, and gender.
Children Act standards require all staff to treat the children, provide care with equal concern, and in doing so, acknowledge and respect their specific needs with regard to their religious persuasion, racial origin, cultural and linguistic background, as well as gender or disability.

As a registered childminder I help children to consider and value diversity and learn about different cultures from their own and to develop positive attitudes towards people who are different from themselves.
I value diversity and promote equal opportunity by encouraging children to take part in activities which reflect diversity and acknowledge cultural differences.  I teach them to be fair and non-discriminatory in all their dealings with other people.
I provide resources that show positive images of people of difference races and cultures and ensure that children can reach appropriate toys and equipment and join in activities easily.
I give all children in my care the opportunity to reach their full potential.  I adapt activities to enable children of different abilities to take part, taking into account each child's age, stage of development, growth, gender, ethnicity and any special needs.
I respect and consider families cultures, beliefs and wishes.  I will always help children to feel good about themselves and others by celebrating the differences which make us all unique.
Any abusive or discriminative attitudes from children and/or parents will be taken seriously and I will immediately explain...