Epliza in Ever Wonder After Land

Epliza Rané in Never Wonder Afterland
After a few more minuets of waiting, she decided it was time to act. Epliza unbraided her blond hair, so that she could tie to a support beam to climb out of the window. She carefully aim and threw over her hair and tied a knot. Epliza walked over to the window, throwing out her excess hair and began to descend to the ground. As she came down the tower wall, she looked like a pro that had been descending mountains all her life. When she reached the bottom, Epliza swung out from the tower wall to get on the other side of the moat without dropping into the water. She had reached in the mat as she swung and caught sword fish. Oh but the fish was hard to hold on to while it thrashed around. Its slippery slimy scales didn’t help any either. But Epliza managed to hold on to the fish when she landed on the ground. She used this fish’s sword like mouth to cut her hair. But while she was cutting her hair she heard a cat behind her.
As she turned, she saw a little white cat holding a clock. The cat put the clock back his pocket and ran away. Now Epliza thought, why would a cat have a clock?. She started to hurry after the cat to ask him why he had the clock. So she followed the little white cat, which had scurried in to a bush. But soon she found herself in a whole other part of the wood that was leading to a rocky coastline. The waters below were known as the infamous Captain Hook’s waters.
Upon nearing the rocky cliff, Epliza tried to stay away from the edge. She didn’t want to fall in and ruin her pretty dress that she wore for the queen. Although as careful as she was, her klutziness made her trip over her own two feet. At first startled, but soon realized that she was falling rather slowly, instead of someone that was plunging to their death below. Looking below, Epliza saw a grand old looking ship. The ship had masses that wee as big as clouds that seemed to be tied to the ship with mounds of rope. Swaying slowly with the...