A great location for a business can make a business great.   However, when relocating an established business to another location making adjustment is a necessary thing to continue the business’s success.   College Men’s Unlimited has been operating with an area of 3,600 square feet but the new space the business is relocating is only 2,800 square feet.   The owners of College Men’s Unlimited must keep the new space layout, merchandising, how to place merchandise, and the external considerations in mind when they are setting up in their new location.
A good store layout is part of the dynamic nature of a business and should be thought out (Mitchell, 2011).   The new location is 40 feet front by 70 feet deep.   The first thing that needs to be done is to put up walls to give them storage space and office space.   These spaces should be at the back of the store.     The back 20 feet of the store should be plenty of space for an office and storage.   This makes the back space 40 feet by 20 feet.   At one end of the 40 feet could be a 10 foot section that can be the office and restroom for staff.   An office does not have to be large because most likely most of the time there will not be anyone in there unless there is paper work that needs to be done.   The other 30 feet by 20 feet of space should be more than enough space to have for storing the merchandise that is not out on the sales floor.   A good storage system can really make the most of the space available.
After the basic space is lined out, it is time to deal with the sales floor layout.   The placement of merchandise and counters is an important issue to focus on.   An inadequate placement of merchandise will not encourage customers to stay and shop.   According to Phillip Mitchell, when given the opportunity people prefer to move to the right after entering a store (Mitchell, Design a Better Retail Store Layout, 2008).   With this in mind, putting merchandise that...