Enron Training Program
Enron’s failure as a organization has been found to be based upon poor management, questionable business practices and a complete lack of ethical structure within the higher levels of the organization.   “The difference between a good company and a poor one is often reflected in the cooperation or lack of it among the people who work there.”   (Bergstrom, 2009)   The application of an extensive training geared towards increasing the effectiveness of team communication, collaboraration and conflict resolution could’ve been used to alter to resulting failure into a more productive and successful path.  

In developing a training plan to increase the effectiveness of groups and teams, Team “C” constructed a training plan that would have helped Enron organization succeed rather than fail. The Leadership Development Training Program is a program that would provide future leaders of any organization with a strong foundation in the different aspects of the company. The program also provides hands on training of the different aspects of the business. The program would provide with opportunities to take significant roles in the leadership, management, and advancement within the program.   Trainees would also have the unique opportunity to work with colleagues across businesses and from around the globe to lead change initiatives.
The Leadership Development Training program focuses on these primary areas: Operations, Finance with a focus on Accounting, as well as Business Development. Within the training program employees are trained to fully understand the needs of the business and how to best serve in their roles as leaders in the company. There are rewards given within the training program for exemplary personal performance and teamwork, recognizing and teaching that both are critical to long-term success of the organization.
Enron lacked good leadership within their organization. The leaders in executive levels allowed accounting fraud and...