Okay, I think you may find it very attractive to download asap and use it because it is really easy to use.. However, this app exists the big moral issue except the privacy breach mentioned by Cathy before.

Snapchat involves users taking photos and sending them to their friends. In fact,you may consider it like as wechat, line,whatsapp, nothing goes wrong, why will conflict with moral issue? Don’t forget The heaviest Snapchat users are teenagers and young adults who submerge themselves in social media and are pretty addicted to their smartphones. Because Snapchat photos self-destruct automatically, a big trend has emerged: sexting through   Snapchat. Instant message with photos means Kids are basically taking provocative photos of themselves and sending to their friends/boyfriends/girlfriends using Snapchat, and they feel more liberal about doing it because they know that those photos get deleted after a few seconds, Also, these photos can last up to 10 seconds and then they disappear from your phone’s memory, motivating them to keep sending replies back and forth between 2 or more people. Therefore, Sexting through Snapchat has become a widely known occurrence among teenagers. sending of nude or sexually explicit images are normal things, the app makes it easier for them to sext because they pay much attention to be fun more than to be considerate. There was hardly any room to deny that The flow of communication in the modern day world can now be reduced to symbols, acronyms, and “emoticons” to convey a message many people can understand,but we cannot but accept our teenagers’moral standard has also been reduced to another level lower.

We all learn something from the ppt is a call for self-governance.This moral courage requires people to be self-governing: to rigorously live their values, to stay true to their principles, and to call on their moral foundation to guide all that they do, from their decision-making to their behavior. It’s in this way that people...