Disaster Flight QF 707
Bangkok airport, January 15th the last call for all passengers on Flight QF 707 echoed over the sound system. I was headed to Malaysia as part of my studies. I'm not sure how long I had drifted off to sleep when all of a sudden I heard a loud explosion that sounded like a bomb. The plane jolted suddenly and there was a disgusting smell of burning metal.

The plane was rocking back and forth and I could see the wings of the plane swaying violently.   My eyes were fixated out the window and it soon became obvious we were heading towards the water. Panic began to set in and I immediately thought I was going to die.

Within minutes we hit the water and the noise and impact was incredible. We bounced along the water and then came to a sudden stop. It was bitterly cold and so dark that I couldn’t see anything around me. Fear and panic set in and I could hear yelling and screaming coming from inside the plane.   The plane had completely gone under trapping some passengers in their seatbelts.

By now the survivors had been treading water for some time and had started to become tired and exhausted as well as very cold. I was trying to conserve my energy by floating on my back, however other passengers were panicking and trying to grab hold of me, dragging me under. Saltwater gushed from my lungs in painful, retching spasms. Searing sunlight burned my face. All that remained of the plane was a scattering of plastic and metal and a corpses bobbing up and down on the calm surface of the ocean.

A heavy hand grabbed my shoulder, spun me around. “Hey, She is alive!”. I was too weak to look up.   Bruce the flight attendant and two other survivors were attempting to stay afloat on a small piece of debris.

I wondered if I had survived or gone to hell. There were four of us who had clung onto a piece of battered and torn piece of the plane. Jonno, Bruce, Mary and I. We suffered from starvation and exposure for a week on the open sea, and the island...