ACT Review Worksheet Name____________________________
Proportions, Means, & Probability Date_______________________CP____

1.   What is the average of 3, 3, and 4?

      A.   3
      B.   [pic]
      C.   [pic]
      D.   [pic]
      E.   4

3.   As a salesperson, your commission is directly proportional to the dollar amount of sales you make.   If your sales are $800, your commission is $112.   How much commission would you earn if you had a $1,400 in sales?

      A.   $210
      B.   $196
      C.   $175
      D.   $128
      E.   $64

10.   An urn contains 6 blue balls, 5 white balls, and 4 green balls.   What is the probability that the first ball drawn at random from the urn will be white?

      F.   [pic]
      G.   [pic]
      H.   [pic]
      J.   [pic]
      K.   [pic]

13.   In a bag of 400 jelly beans, 25% of the jelly beans are red in color.   If you randomly pick a jelly bean from the bag, what is the probability that the jelly bean picked is NOT one of the red jelly beans.

F.   [pic]     G.   [pic]         H.   [pic]         J.   [pic]         K.   [pic]

21.   A photocopy machine enlarges a small triangle to produce a larger, similar triangle, as shown in the figure below.   (The triangles are similarly oriented.)   If the lengths of the sides in inches, are marked on the figure, what is the value of x?

      A.   [pic]
      B.   [pic]
      C.   [pic]
      D.   [pic]
      E.   [pic]

24.   The lengths of the corresponding sides of 2 similar right triangles are in the ratio of 2:5.   If the hypotenuse of the smaller triangle is 5 inches long, how many inches long is the hypotenuse of the larger triangle?

      F.   2
      G   2.5
      H. 7
      J.   10
      K.   12.5

30.   To increase the mean of 4 numbers by 2, by how much would the sum of the 4 numbers have to increase?

      F.   2
      G.   4
      H.   6
      J.   8
      K.   16

32.   Television screen sizes are the diagonal length of the...