Review of Video: ‘Miracle Workers’ Featuring Taylor Mali

The video features an attempt at highlighting the various emotional scenarios faced by teachers in American Educational institutes. He mentions various situations in which he has to play multiple roles while being a teacher; roles of a father, a mother, a caretaker, a fan etc. He assumes roles of various characters that have an influence on the lives of the students. He justifies the same by stating that it is the way teachers act to bring out the best in the students.
Taylor Mali uses dark humor to subtly bring to the surface the poor pay grades the teachers in America get. He also highlights how deeply the role of a teacher enters the various routine aspects of the lives of a teacher when he or she is not even in the classroom.
He tries to bring forth the various behavioral requirements of an upstanding citizen and the qualities that he or she must possess. He clearly points out the need to not just study the values, but practice them routinely. These qualities include being counted for responsibility, honor, integrity, honesty etc.
He finishes his stand-up, with an example about the unintentional ignorance of today’s youth. He states how understanding the needs of the students and fulfilling them even before they have made a request for the same, is a role that every teachers fulfill every day. Even though the students do not realize it, teachers forge ahead unperturbed. The point that he wants to state in the video is that “Education is the Real Miracle” and “Teachers are workers who make these miracles happen” for the students.