Sharon Smith
English 215
Research and Writing
Prof, Karnes
April 9, 2011
                                                Diagnostic Writing Assignment
In a mini essay of 250 – 300 words, discuss whether or not you are more “meaningfully” connected with friends and family because of your cell phone.
In my honest opinion I feel that I am more “meaningfully” connected with my family and friends with me owning a cell phone. The reasons I feel this way is because I can keep in touch with them when I am having trouble with my home phone, or when I am away from home I can call them or they can get in touch with me. When I would be out and about going shopping or to Dr. Appointments etc, and say perhaps my car would break down I could call someone for help. Or possibly if my family or friends would need someone to talk to and they couldn’t get a hold of anyone else then they could get a hold of me to talk to.   I feel that having a cell phone can be used as an important factor in someone’s life. The reasons I feel   this way is because if   a person would be away from home a cell and something would happen to them like falling and getting hurt   or having car trouble they could call for help. It’s also a good way for your family and friends to get a hold of you when you are not at home and they would want to talk to you or if they would be in a situation like their home phone messing up or they would want your advice about something or etc. So I truly feel that having a cell phone myself is a very meaningful way of connection with my family and friends. It provides away for me to call for help in time of need   and to just stay in touch with my family and friends.