Compare and contrast Jane Eyre to Bertha Mason
Jane Eyre is a very famous novel written by Charlotte Bronte in the Victorian era. There are a lot of characters in this novel. They come from different social classes and have different personalities. The main character in this novel is Jane Eyre. She comes from a different class and finds herself fall in love with Mr. Rochester who is the husband of Bertha Mason. Jane Eyre and Bertha Mason come from different background and have very different characters.   Although they are different, we find in the novel that they themselves are somehow similar.
There are some common aspects between Jane and Bertha.   By looking to their past, we can find that these two women are similar. In Jane’s childhood, she was lonely, isolated child and no one accepted her neither her family, nor her society. She was not accepted anywhere. She was rejected by her society because her lack of status and money and she was not fit with servant because her relationship with the Reeds. The same can be seen with Bertha mason. She was not accepted anywhere when she was young. She was British who was born in The West India. This alienated her from both classes as a result of being born in the middle and making her belongs to the half of both, not a whole.
Next, the character who links between Jane and Bertha is Mr. Rochester. Both of them are dependent on him. Jane as a governess works under his employ. Bertha on the other hand, is Mr. Rochester’s wife. Mr. Rochester loves Jane, and scorns his wife Bertha.
In addition, the most common thing they share is their attitude toward man. During the novel, both Jane and Bertha were influences by male power. They refused to be subjected to men. Jane asks for a relationship based on equalities, similar hearts and souls in the eye of God. She refused to be Mr. Rochester’s mistress. If she accepted to be, her attitude toward marriage and equality between man and woman will be gone. Men will have the power...