What does Distinctly Visual mean? The first thought that comes to mind when asking that question is the thought of only pictures and images portraying a strong message with the saying ‘a picture says a thousand words’.

This is seen in the coming of age Novella ‘Maestro’ and also in a related text, ‘Run Lola Run’. Both Tom Twyker the director of Run Lola Run and Peter Goldsworthy the author of Maestro effectively use visual techniques to convey their message to the desired audiences.

“Run Lola Run” directed by Tom Twyker follows a woman who must get $100,000 in 20 minutes to save her boyfriend’s life. The main themes of “Run Lola Run” are time, the idea that love conquers all and chance.

It is through the use of film techniques such as animation, editing, camera shot and angle, that shape meaning and ultimately influences the response of the audience. These themes are effectively portrayed through the medium of film and the techniques employed by the director, Tom Twyker.

Time is conveyed almost constantly throughout the film and the audience is constantly aware that time is ticking. The image of the cuckoo clock in the opening sequence of the film foregrounds in the audiences mind the importance of time throughout the film.

We are manipulated by the director to read images of time in a certain way; Lola must race against time to save Manni. The movie is structured into three scenarios to create a fast-paced movie full of images which involve us in the characters experience. This technique is an effective way to create a movie which is full of action in which the images are an integral part in engaging the audience.

Close up shots of the pendulum of the grandfather clock in the opening scene indicate to the audience the importance of time throughout the film. This sets the atmosphere for the dramatic story ahead. It is emphasised as it is lit from the front.

Tom Twyker continues to show to the audience images of time through animation, split...