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English: HSC
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Comprehension   * HOW – whenever there is language write about medium specific techniques (eg. Visual salience, prosaic text – flashbacks foreshadowing)     * Study – Download a series of different text types (newspaper articles, cartoons and websites)   * Develop your own series of questions that incorporate language.Technique -> location -> Verb -> Effect -> Meaning (ADDRESS THE QUESTION)- The symbol of the barbed wire, which is commonly used to ensure that animals are isolated, emphasises the inhumane lengths to which Australia, a country that boasts of freedoms, has undertaken to present others from belonging to protect the idealistic values they are exposed to within the nation.   * |     * Distinctive voices (MLK, Severn Cullis Suzuki, Indira Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln, etc)   * Related materials (Relate on the basis of content (module a and c),     * Know the thematic concerns of your text (think BIG picture, not just scenes – think of cause and effects)   * Read through marking centre notes from past papers   * Be direct and intentional in answering questions |
Creative Writing   * Have dialogue develop character and action   * Show not Tell   * Limited characters and timespan     * Avoid clichés (I never felt like this before)   * In medias res (Straight in the middle of the action) | Into the World – The Story of Tom Brennan |
Extended response   * Verbs (explain, analyse, discuss, explain, evaluate, to what extent, how)   * Discussion – (agree however therefore)     * Know how to analyse (Technique formula) and be concise   * Be prepared with related materials1. An individual’s perceptions of belonging evolve in response to the passage of time and interaction with their world. | Wilfred Owen’s poems |

  * 2009-2014 Prescriptions Document – Learn the content and skills needed
  * Language is the meaning that the ideas of belonging arise

Technique -> location -> Verb -> Effect -> Meaning...