English Short Story

May 2011 19
English 9-Honors
Mrs. Belcher
      Fighting Fear
      “News from China; China has confirmed the death of their leader Hon Toe Chong. The cause of death is still undetermined, but according to sources, it may be an act of terrorism… More information will be announced when we learn more about this tragic situation…
      ‘Now it’s time for your sports blitz wit-“
      Adoline switched off her favorite radio station, Rock 98.5. She was tired of such somber news. Why couldn’t people just be good little citizens and support the work of our world’s leaders? The world would be a much safer place.
      Coincidently, Adoline was driving to a Safe Sitters class. Being a baby-sitter wouldn’t bring in much money, but for a seventeen year old trying to save money for college, to pay for gas, and to help with the family’s finances every penny counts.
      Adoline felt her phone humming. It was her mom, probably calling to make sure she made it to her class all right. She flipped her phone open.
      “Hey, Mom!”
      “Hey, Doll,” her mom replied using the nickname she had always used to call Adoline, “Made to class?”
      Adoline’s mom’s English still sounded choppy and rough even though she had moved to America from Mexico more than twenty years ago. Here she had met a handsome blonde-haired blue-eyed man who became love struck for her exotic Spanish mother.
      Their two very different appearances created Adoline’s unique look. With bright strawberry blonde hair, dark skin, and deep brown eyes, Adoline didn’t fit in with the crowd. She was given her father’s height but not her mother’s figure, so instead of looking like the models in magazine, she was gangly and awkward. Her height did give her potential to be an amazing athlete, but Adoline stayed away from the court. The sporty girls had made it very clear that she was unneeded, unwanted, and should keep far, far away. Instead she had acquired the skill of invisibility, and she...