The setting and atmosphere played an important part in Macbeth, it gave the story the perfect suspense and drama it needed to keep the reader interested.   According to Daily mail “One of the main settings for Macbeth is at the center of a new drama as a possible site for wind turbines”. P.31 The play begained with the three witched, which are at a begin place, in the middle of what seems to be a storm.   This gives the public an idea that the appearance of the witches might be, ugly and evil.   This scene also gives the impression of fear, horror and mystery.   Staring the play with this scene was important because most of the decisions Macbeths makes throughout the play are bases around the witches.  
In the story the witches have to answer to Hecate, who is the goddess of witchcraft.   In the play the witches’ powers are very ambiguous. They are able to turn into animals, but fails when she turns into a rat without a tail.   One of their biggest fail is when they are unable to convene Macbeth to kill Duncan.   Here is where they create an atmosphere, where they are manipulating him, which makes him want to kill him.  
In the play animals are used to enhance the atmosphere and represent their evil in an unnatural way representing the evil within the witches.   Shakespeare also uses them to represent the evil between the people.   As me mentions the horses eat each other after Duncan has been killed.   This represent Scotland in a disorder state.
The witches’ way of speaking is in riddles, which give the play a very uneasy atmosphere.   They mainly give the play an uneasy feel because they are violating Gods natural order.  
The noises mention in the play are also very important, they help get a better understanding of what is happing in the story.   The noises used in this specific play make the atmosphere tense.   When Macbeth goes to kill Duncan, there is a knell sound, a traditional funeral bell, which gives the scene suspense, at the same time an owl shriek and...