End of Life

When an individual passes away, especially if in a nursing home like Heol Don the family/ close friends are usually present. I would then ring the individuals Doctor or the out of hours Doctor who will then visit to confirm the individual as deceased. Then the body is laid out by either care staff or relatives should they wish to do so, or in some circumstances this may differ due to spiritual and cultural beliefs. This would be clearly documented within the individuals care plan. A funeral director would then be contacted by either the family or by myself to collect the individual and take them to a funeral directors.
With medical equipment, as a senior carer, this would not be touched by myself. I would contact the district nurses/ palliative care nurses when the individual has passed away to come to the home to remove all equipment. Any medication used by district nurses, For example, controlled drugs in a syringe driver, would be disposed of in the correct manner by two qualified district nurses. Any of the individuals other medication would be kept by the home for 7 days after death.
With most of the individuals residing at Heol Don, wills are made before they enter the home and whilst they had capacity to do so, which would also be the same for living wills. When an individual is admitted, a copy of any living wills will be requested from the individual/ family and kept within their personal care plan to ensure that a individuals wishes are being followed in a way in which they wished to be cared for.
2.1 – Key people may also include as well as the individuals themselves, their relatives, close friends, or care staff who support the individual. It could affect anyone who is important/ involved in maintaining the well-being of the individual.