Employment Responsibilibties

Employment responsibilities
Bi. On being employed i was given clear terms and conditions within my employment contract which stated various things including my probation period, salary, annual leave, date of being paid every month and notice i would need to give if leaving the company.
Bii. Pay slips display information about various personal details which include NI No, tax codes, employee number, PAYE tax, NIC, tax code. Pay slips also show the amount you have been paid and deducted throughout the current tax period.
Biii. Two changes of personal information I would have to report to my employer would be:
  1. Address changes
  2. Changes to driving status
Biv. If i wanted to report a grievence within the work place i would firstly go to my line manager to explain my issues. I could also go to my HR manager which is . If i wasn’t happy with the outcome i could take it up with the union.
Bv. The Data protection act was created in order to give individuals a right to access other peoples personal data. This information is held by certain companies that relate to an individual, most companies within the UK fall under the data protection act and use key bodies to help regulate information about individuals. Any information collected on young people must be shared within people who are legally allowed to view.
Grievance policies are set ways of dealing with difficulties that may arise from employer to employee. This policy is important as it makes sure everyone is treated fairly if a grievance arises. Their are set courses of action which can be taken if they may not be able to reach an agreement through communication. Grievance procedures are needed in order to give clear points of contact and time schedules to resolve issues of concern. If an agreement cannot be agreed on their is a possibility of an employment tribunal.      
Anti discriminatory practices are ways of working with various people in order to promote diversity, self esteem and...