Emotions of War

Emotions of War
Pain, wounds, scars, love, hurt, emotions, anger, death, victories, losses, burdens and regrets, all elements defining war. War is a word that instantly creates beliefs, tension, feelings and of course opinions.   Tim O’Brien reflects on the physical and emotional burdens of soldiers during war in the prose, “The Things They Carried.” A disturbed Veteran’s inner demon’s is revealed by Yusef Komunyakaa in the poem, “Facing It.” Hunter S. Thompson’s prose of a historical terrorist attack on the United States causing a constant fear amongst the entire population is depicted vividly in, “Kingdom of Fear Seize the Night, September 11, 2001.” War in its entirety, has the ability to destroy any physical and emotional characteristics of life as a whole.
“The Things They Carried,” by Tim O’Brien introduces the physical and emotional
burdens soldiers carry with them during war, creating distraction, despair and regrets remain.
O’Brien’s prose took place during the Vietnam War, which was the longest in history.
Using his personal experiences in the Vietnam War from 1969 to 1970, O’Brien creates a heart
felt story. Tim Obrien portrays character of the Platoon leader, Jimmy Cross in his personal story
of “The Things They Carried”. Using his first hand experiences during the Vietnam War,
O’Brien unleashes the raw truth of the physical and emotional burdens he and other soldiers
carry. We, as a society, possess the common knowledge of the physical stress and
demands put on soldiers during engagements. Through O’Brien’s depiction we are introduced to
stressful burdens of soldiers that weighs heavy on mental state. O’Brien tells of
Jimmy Cross’s deep, paralyzing love he holds for the love of his life that ironically doesn’t love
him. Cross incurs intensive day dreams of his fantasized relationship with Martha, which leaves
his men vulnerable. He reveals during one of Cross’s delusional episodes the breakdown
Cross experienced due to his...