Emily Dickinson- “I Had Been Hungry All the Years”, and “I Gave My Self to Him”

Belonging is a complex notion, which can be used to characterise the fundamental nature of mankind and society. It is a desire to make connections with others, to develop a sense of identity and form a connection with people, places and the wider community. It is possible to achieve this sense of belonging through forming a relationship with somebody, being a part of a group of people with similar interests to you   as well as being a part of the greater community. Likewise, it is possible to be separated from society due to a lack of established connections with people and places, leading to alienation and exclusion.  
The idea of belonging is one that many people can relate to and in particular you   can see these ideas through the poems of Emily Dickinson, specifically, “I Had Been Hungry All The Years”, and “I Gave My Self To Him” which strongly displays concepts of connections and relationships with people, as well as showing unfulfilled desires, connections with society and yearning for acceptance into the literary community .
Emily Dickinson, throughout her life, has written nearly eighteen hundred poems, and the majority of her poems dealt   with concepts of belonging & not belonging, death, and immortality, and have relations with nature . In her poem “I Had Been Hungry All The Years” Dickinson explores the ideas of connections and acceptance to society and the literary community. It also involves her connections with nature as a place that she feels comfortable with . Right through this poem, Dickinson uses the first person point of view to express the different ideas in the poem like acceptance and connections with a more personal sense, which will allow the audience to relate to the poem and its ideas more easily.
For example   “I looked in windows for the wealth”. Dickinson also uses a wide variety of metaphors and symbols   to represent her feeling towards acceptance in social and poetic community as well as her desire to be included to something that...