Embarassing Moment

i] Title: At Dawn
*ii] Beginning: “With my bloody arm against the wall and the shadow receding in the glaring light, I was *left…
Date and time—nature of the natural calamity--- extent of the disaster---causes--- panic---epidemic--- areas affected--- local accounts---- action by authorities and NGOs--- steps to avoid such a calamity---  
*2] They think that we are unaware of their ploy. (begin*: They are of…)
3] You may think it very difficult a task to do but it is not as tough as you think it to be.  
* (begin*: “It is…)
4] “Why are you wondering whether you are going to score the right marks in this test? Now is not the time to  
*5] Place the order immediately. ( end*: “immediately”)
*6] Hardly had I stepped in when they began to scream. (begin*: No…)
*7] Mr. Keepintouch* met Mrs. *Notagain* after ages. (*end*: “*Slenderous*”)
*8] I am sure that you people will achieve great grades when it really matters. (use* the noun form of “achieve”)
*9] Besides winning the prize for elocution, she won the award for debating. ( begin*: “Not only…)
*10] “Are you going to take a break for the festive season this year? I hope not.” Miss Sunshine told Mrs. Dullday*. *( join* the sentences without using quotes)  
ii] Mrs. Spoon is not going to let _ her culinary secrets to anyone.  
iii] She is sitting _ the midst of her mates and sorting _ all her own problems.
iv] His eloquence set him _ from the rest of his colleagues. He is a class cut _ the rest.  
*v] It* is 2:20 am _ my watch and I am wondering when I am going to finish_ this paper.
IV. Read the following passage carefully and answer the subsequent questions:
* One fine spring afternoon, the old man rocking on his chair, relentless in his usual quest* of God, saw a young girl playing across the street. The little girl’s ball rolled into the man’s yard. She ran to pick it up and as she bent down to reach **for the ball, she looked at the old man and said,” Mr. Old Man, I see...