Elevator Speech

I had been talking to one of my co-workers for some tome about going back to school.   Both of us have been interested in furthering our education but did not know where to start.   I had heard wonderful reviews about Axia Collage and decided to look into it seriously.   Not long after talking with a representative I started my first set of online courses.
      I returned to work ready to share the news with my coworker.   I suggested she start taking classes as well.   She said she had reservations about starting classes because she already has a full-time job and is raising three children.   I explained that I too am in a full-time position while raising my daughter.   Since classes are completely online and the collage uses asynchronous communication, I can complete my work at my own pace on my own time.
      She was shocked with my response and enthusiasm.   She then told me that she only has basic computer skills and was apprehensive with how she would adapt to the online system.   I explained that there are several forums in which I can find all the information that I would need and how easy it is to navigate through them.   I can chat with fellow students and instructors, read through my assignments, and post my individual work.   Even though it is rare that my classmates and I are logged in at the same time, we can still bounce ideas off each other and receive feedback on our discussion questions or other assignments through our threaded discussions.   Through this process I can see others thoughts without making appointments with them.
      I encouraged my coworker to call my representatives with any more questions she had.   She could see how excited I was about my classes and told me that this sounded like the precise opportunity for her hectic schedule.   We are now both taking courses through Axia College and enjoying the time we have to stay at our full-time positions and the time we have for our families.   We are both excited about what the future has in...