Elements of Plot

Elements of Plot
Setting- The setting was in San Francisco somewhere around 1997. This is modern day life with normal laws and rules.
Conflict- The conflict in the short story is man vs. man. Paw-Paw had a conflict with the main character due the grandmother bias to Ian and how the grandmother took everything from her.
1 Her Paw-Paw coming home and walking really slow.
2 Her Paw-Paw ignored her and was bias to her brother Ian.
3 The girl wanted her Paw-Paw to fix her bow and freaked out because the bow was used on her feet in China.
4 The girl walked in the bathroom on her Paw-Paw and her bare feet which made Paw-Paw insecure.
5 During a bedtime story for Ian the truth came out about Paw-Paw because of a book.
Character- the Protagonist was the daughter and the antagonist was the Grandmother. The mother basically did anything her mom told her because of what her mom did for her in the past. The father just tried to make the Paw-Paw do little work and feel comfortable. Ian got everything from his grandmother because in China, men are seen as better than women.
Theme – The theme of this short story was how different people see things differently because of their past. The daughter saw the ribbons as fun and festive because she uses them for dance class. But Paw-Paw saw the ribbons as sinful and full of pain because of what her parents did to her in China.
Point Of View- The point of view was 1st person. The girl talked about how she saw the way the grandma was acting and what she was missing because of Paw-Paws visit.