Elements of Design

Elements of Design
Aurora L. Sepulveda
ENG 225: Introduction to film
Instructor: Alene Morrison
December, 12, 2011

Elements of Design
The film I chose is Doctor Zhivago, an epic love story set in the midst of the Russian Revolution. The lead actors are: Omar Sharif, Julie Christie and Geraldine Chaplin.

Omar Sharif plays the role of Dr. Zhivago. The movie traces the life of surgeon-poet Yuri Zhivago before and during the Russian Revolution. Yuri Zhivago's father abandons the family and when his mother dies while he is still a child, he is taken in by his mother's friends, Alexander 'Sasha' and Anna Gromeko and their daughter Tonya (Geraldine Chaplin). Gromeko is a retired medical professor living in Moscow. Zhivago marries Tonya who is devoted to him, yet falls in love with an unfortunate woman who becomes his muse. Zhivago is torn between fidelity and passion. Sympathetic with the revolution but shaken by the war and purges, he struggles to adapt to the new reality of his homeland. Julie Christie plays the role of Lara, who becomes Zhivago’s lover and is the inspiration for his poetry. Geraldine Chaplin plays the role of Tanya, Dr. Zhivago’s wife and the mother of their two children. Their marriage is torn apart by the hardships during the Bolshevik Revolution

The director of this movie is David Lean the producer designer is John Box, art director Terence Marsh.
The director interprets scripts into personal vision and decides overall “look” with the production designer and cinematographer; directs actors and the action while shooting. (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011, p. 1.2)
The art director, sometimes called a production designer, he is responsible for keeping the sets, props, and costumes appropriate to the story and characters, and historically accurate if necessary. (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011, p. 1.2) He is responsible for the overall look of a film. Production designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of motion pictures....