Electronic Medical Record System

Implementing EMR software in your office can be the most beneficial and efficient product Advanced Imaging can purchase for their office. On the other hand, purchasing the wrong EMR software or not being able to implement the software can be very inefficient and disastrous. As like any other software or information system, there are disadvantages in the software. That is why before purchasing EMR software, Advanced Imaging must set realistic goals, perform a cost budget analysis, seek out unbiased sources of information and make sure your hardware is efficient to improve your EMR functionality.
An EMR system also improves communication by making records available to multiple people, simultaneously. This will be beneficial to Advanced Imaging because it can save a doctor or medical personnel hours, which would have been spent updating patient files. Since patient information is stored electronically, charts are always current and provide more detailed patient information than paper-based records. Productivity also increases as the practice becomes
Among the various options available with an electronic medical record system, there are key electronic medical software features to choose from. Medical practices can choose from some of the following, such as: 1) multiple records access; which allows multiple personnel to work concurrently with the patient file, 2) remote access; which allows personnel to log in to a secure network and access the data from anywhere, 3) secure access; which uses a secure network to protect confidential patient information and 4) compatibility with other medical solutions.
Additionally, there is a concern that the use of the computer systems would prevent accurate record keeping, since many members of the staff were not trained in this technology. Further, training on electronic medical records software adds additional expense in paying people to take training, and in paying trainers to teach practitioners. (Ellis- Christensen)...