Educationalists Say That Visit as a Part of Programmes of International Exchange Are Beneficial to Teenage School Going Children. Do You Think Advantages of This Idea Outweigh Disadvantages?

Every International exchange programmes has its own benefits and ill effects. But I believe, it is beneficial more to the teenager schoolers than the negative influence it will have on them.

These exchange programmes play a vital role in the personality development of the youngsters. Through these programmes they learn a lot about the cultures of different countries, they acquire a lot of knowledge about their traditional values and diversity of the people living there. The teenagers will get a chance to mingle with the international students which will expose them to a different environment.

In addition to that, the school going pupils also get a chance to learn foreign languages which is very useful if the students are looking for their career outside their own country. They get exposed to a different environment. They can also know about the different teaching methods and working styles followed in other countries.

However, some people believe that it will have a negative effect on the young minds of the children because they believe it will be very difficult for them to adapt to a new environment. They become inferior and isolated among the students of other countries. The students will have difficulty in grasping the subjects as they will have difficulty in grasping the subjects as they will have different accents in talking, which results in poor communication skills.

In spite of these, I believe that these programmes are very much necessary to the teenagers as they help them to acquire different skills and knowledge which will help them to develop their personality better.

Shiju Thomas