Education and Social Inequality

Education and Social Inequality
Phase 4 DB Part II
Kimberly Bottema
Dianna B. Adams
July 26, 2010

Education is very important for people’s success in life. Education provides skills for you
to be prepare physical, mental, and social for the world. Education is the foundation of society
that brings economic wealth, social prosperity and political stability. The higher education helps to maintain a healthy society to prepare healthcare profession, teachers, lawyers and doctors. One of the main purposes of education is to educate individuals within society to prepare and qualify them for work in economy and integrate people into society. This help to keep value and morals of society smooth and remain stable. It helps prepare the youth for the next generation of leader.
Education mainly begins at home one does not acquire knowledge from a teacher; one can learn and get knowledge from a parent or a family member.
The role social stratification plays on education is the assumption that private schools will provide quality education to students for their academic and holistic human development. Private school attention is providing a better condition, diverse curricular and experienced teachers. The private is promise quality education for their clients. The ideal marketing is to assume quality product will bring success. The parents believe that quality education in private school will enable their children to succeed in competition with the world. The private schools admit students on their abilities to pay (Zhang, 1996). Some school select students based upon their previous academic performance. Some teachers did not feel that they were prepared for the demanding workloads of private schools.
Social mobility is the degree to which in a given society, an individual’s social status can change throughout the course of his or her life or the degree to which that individuals offspring and generations more up and down class...