Edgar Allen Poe Outine

Edgar Allan Poe
1) Childhood
a.       Edgars parents died before he reached the age of 3.
b.       Born on January 19, 1809.
c.       Parents were actors.
2) Adolescence
a.       Adopted into a wealthy Virginia family after parents death.
b.       Went to the university of Virginia
c.       Studied Latin and poetry
3)         Education
                        a.         Went to The University of Virginia
                        b.         Studied poetry and Latin
                        c.         Enjoyed swimming.
4)         Family
                        a.         Parents died before he reached 3 years old.
                        b.         Brother died of tuberculosis.
                        c.         Married aunts daughter. She was 13
5) Job/Profession
a. Enlisted in the army for 2 years.
6) How/ why did poetry become a source of inspiration for this person?
a. His study of poetry inspired him.
7) Influences from other poets?
a. None.
8) Limited samples.
a. They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.
9) Prevalent theme?
a. Dark, mysterious.
10) How does the poet’s works reflect his desires and messages?
a. They’re direct.
11) Why should we read works from this poet?
a. They’re very interesting and direct.
12) Why does this poet’s work stand out in a not-so-terribly poetic world?
a. His poems have meaning.
b. His poems are true.
c. His poems aren’t bad.
13) Connect this poets work to movies, other poets, novels, etc.
a. Terror of the soul (movie 1995)
Tim burton
14) List personal connections.
a. A lot of his poems are about death and I can relate to those poems because I’ve lost
loved ones.
15) What are your impressions of this poet and his craft?
a. His works are very emotional and intriguing
16) Like/dislike?
a. No dislikes. Probably my favorite poet of all time.
b. What I like about this poet is that when you read one of...