Tourism industry is one the famous sector that is beneficial for economic development. One of the most famous segments in this industry is ecotourism. Ecotourism is to travel another place without disturbing the nature. Its purpose is to give knowledge to the tourists. Generally ecotourism focuses on volunteering, personal growth and on the environment but it also benefits the economic development and political empowerment of the domestic country and encourage respect for different culture.
Ecotourism benefits the economic development of a country.   Firstly ecotourism play major role in a country’s gross domestic product (G.D.P) to increase. Like for many countries, ecotourism is a negligible way of earning, but countries like Costa Rica, Nepal and Kenya ecotourism represents a huge portion of their G.D.P. More over tourism industry leads to more foreign currency inflow which involves ecotourism too. The more tourist visit a country, the more they will spend money there which will make a positive impact in that country’s balance of payment. As an extension if ecotourism industry runs successfully in a country then foreign firms might be encouraged and like to set their business there which will ultimately increase the national income of that country.   For example Bangladesh where there are lots of tourist place like the world’s largest sea beach Cox’s Bazaar or Shundorban forest which are also the natural beauty of that country so if the country emphasizes on ecotourism industry then more foreign firms may come and set their business there which will ultimately increase its national income.
Moreover ecotourism also benefits the local community.