Economy, State and Society

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Lecturer: Terry McBride

Module Title: Economy, state and society

Account for the emergence of ‘nation states’ in Europe during the period 1815-1914.

This essay will account for the important factors and events that lead to the social and political changes throughout continental Europe and consequently lead to the emergence of nation states between the time periods of 1815-1914.
    The main focus point in this essay is the emergence of nation states between a certain time period. However it will also include certain events starting from the time period 1789. The year 1789 was the year the French revolution began. The reasons for including this is due to the French revolution paving the way for other nations to want a more democratic society and more rights for citizens. We will also look into Friedrich Engels political views in regards to continental Europe.
  The French revolution began in 1789 and lasted for a period of 10 years; it was a period of radical political and social upheaval in France. Due to this revolution France was pro claimed a republic in 1792 and in the following year of 1793 King Louis XVI was convicted for treason and executed.
  In the years following there came numerous attempts to gain control of France, there was a near dictatorship in the form of the committee of public safety who controlled France from 1793-1794. The committee of public safety was headed by Maximillien Robespierre, and there aim was to protect the newly established republic against foreign attacks and internal rebellion. However following the downfall of Robespierre, the committee’s influence diminished and it was disabled in 1795. Following this downfall came the Directory who took control of France and held on to power from 1795-1799 until it was replaced by the consulate under Napoleon Bonaparte. This in turn...