Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper

Berle Henry


April 5, 2010
Angie Sokol

My Leadership Style

    According to the analysis and interpretation of “What’s My Leadership Style” survey, my leadership style focuses on people-orientation instead of task orientation.   People-orientation means that I focus more on group interactions and the needs of individual members.
    My Role in the New Restructured Organization
    I was asked by my management team to define my role in this new organization.   Therefore, I decided that based on my background and experience, I will manage the Health Department of my organization.   I have approximately 20 years experience as a registered nurse.   Most of those years have been in the critical care units and trauma emergency rooms in various hospitals within New York and Washington DC metropolitan areas.   In this role I will be responsible for case managing all employees that have any acute or chronic illness.   I will case manage these employees files to make sure that we are able give them the best care under the insurance policies that the organization offers.   In addition, if necessary, I would seek and emphasize to chronically ill (asthma, dialysis, and mental health issues) employees the need to take advantage of the short-term disability programs that the organization has in place.   In my research, I realized that most employees do not understand that short-term disability actually pays them when they get sick.   In addition, the payment starts sometimes within three days of the disability.   I will also seek out employees that have issues with tardiness and/or absenteeism.   I realized that employee’s families illnesses can impact their ability to be at work on time and as scheduled.   For this reason, I have asked senior management to advertise our organization’s participation in the Family Leave Medical Act (FMLA).   This act is mandatory by law.   However, many employees are not aware of it and do not know...