Pursuit of an MBA 1

Running head: Construct and Support an Argument


      Construct and Support an Argument

                                  Pursuit of   an MBA2

My choice to continue my educational endeavors was very important to me because I wanted to further myself and broaden my horizons as an individual. I’m the first person within my immediate family to continue on with   higher learning. This means a great deal to me to be able to set a standard for going on to accomplish my life long dreams. Starting college right after high school was difficult because I was very undecided in my major and after a while lost interest in what I wanted to do with myself and future. Robert Frost an American Poet once stated that, “ Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on.” I started off in the community college setting where I was a very undecided major student in my freshman year. Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Pharmacy were   all   possible career paths that that had peak my interest, but it was unclear at the time.

“ With the cost of education going up so rapidly it’s really important that students find themselves in situations where they are not wasting there time. It’s important that students not lose there valuable time and money.” Ultimately I just lost focused in my early twenties and just stayed with working as a Nursing Assistant for a few years and I saw people in management I thought if they can do management jobs in healthcare then so can I. “It’s a commonly held understanding that if a student stays undeclared for an extended period of time or changes multiple majors multiple times, the likelihood of graduation or persisting with their education is not as high.”

At twenty - five a light bulb came one and I did a self assessment of my self and future and decided where do I see my self in ten years. When I thought long and hard I said that...