Economic Crisis

    ✓ Good evening ladies and Gentlemen. In another 45 minutes of time, we are going to conduct our presentation on Global Economic Crisis and its effects to Sri Lanka.

    ✓ Names of our syndicate members are shown on the screen.

    ✓ The Sequence of our presentation is as follows.


    ✓   Introduction.

    ✓   Aim.

    ✓   What is an Economy.

    ✓   How it happened.

    ✓   Its effects to the Global Economy.

    ✓   Its effects to Sri Lanka.

    ✓   How Sri Lanka faced the economic crisis

    ✓   Conclusion.

    ✓   Recommendations.

    ✓ The whole world is facing the biggest economic crisis in its history at present, by making its financial and economic landscape upside down.
    ✓ The Global economic crisis prominently started with the failure of several major institutions of the United State.
    ✓ They are :-
      Wells Frago.
        Lehman Brothers.
        Bear Stearns
        JP Morgan
        Goldman Sachs
      Bank of America
    ✓ Now the crisis has spilled over to the Europe, Latin America, Asia and   all over the world.
  Impact of Finacial crisis-felt across the globe
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    ✓ Contd.

  The ongoing financial crisis has
    ✓ originated as a result of “subprime mortgage crisis” in mid 2007.
  Sub prime impact across the globe
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    ✓ The main reason was the bursting of US housing bubble and high default rates on “subprime mortgage” beginning 2006.
  Building up of the housing bubble
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    ✓ Contd.
    ✓ The economic crisis and its outcome can be explained   using the theory of demand and supply.
    ✓ The price varies as a result of balance between product availability and demand. It affect directly   to the global economic crisis.
    ✓ The “subprime mortgage” collapsed also affected to the prevailing economic crisis....