Food and Sight Spots
How can you experience the culture through food and sight spots?

Why go to Europe?
Europe is a landmass contains more than 30 countries; each country has its own spirit, unique culture and tradition differentiates from the others. Lots of travelers like to visit the places and get a brief experience of those areas. Most of us may have known some of the famous destinations such as London, Paris, Rome, etc. It is possible to jump from one country to another quickly if the budgets of flights and public transport are credible. However, the author advises speeding down the trip in order to have a closer look of various countries. In fact, some different ways to explore the local culture is suggested in the book. For example, enjoying a night out to have a drink in a café and chat with the Europeans. The author also recommends some delicious food like the French dense fish soup, cured hams as well as juicy sardines in Spain and Portugal to be a special food experience. European especially like eating meat and buffet dinner is also commonly found.

Europe definitely is a popular continent that most Hong Kong people are eager to travel for the famous tourist spots like the London Bridge, the Paris Tower, and the France Louvre. It seems that visiting the high spots have become necessary in order to prove that you have gone there. However, not many of us will try to explore the local culture through a different ways. We usually just skip from one place to another in order to reach all the destinations without really exploring the culture deeply. In my opinion, the best way to understand the local culture is to look at the style of living and chat with the local people. It is much easier to get an idea on the feature of that place through the dialogue. Tasting the unique food is also a good point to experience the characteristic of that country.

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