“I have followed BERA (2005) guidelines in this TMA and any names have been changed”.

My life and learning and its relevance to my current role.

Researchers have identified many types of interview (eg Hitchcock and Hughes, 1989, p79; Cohen and Manion, 1994, p273) my following interviews have been done as an informal unstructured interview and conversation.

My life

I didn’t like being at primary school, looking back I believe this is because I didn’t feel safe, in the early years I can remember feeling scared for various reasons but one that always comes to mind is one of terrible thunder and lightening, I can remember crying and my teacher not being able to comfort me, I just wanted my mum to come back and get me I must of been about four years old.

I can also remember getting an answer to a question wrong I think I was about 9 at this time.   I was made to stand up in front of the class and a member of the support staff that had come in, whilst my teacher explained to everyone how stupid my answer was.   I was mortified and embarrassed and believed that I was less intelligent than my peers.

The enjoyable side to primary school was being talented at art and always being chosen to make the displays. I used to get many compliments for my work and this obviously made me happy.   In the upper school I won an art complition entered by all the schools in the borough and my head mistress was extremely proud of me and she said it made our whole school look good.

I used to get into a lot of trouble at secondary school, I had no interest in learning and chose my gcse subjects around the teachers I liked.   I was bullied for the first two years and found it hard to find my place socially.   I don’t believe I ever settled down, was continually on report and left school unsure of what I wanted to do next.   I counted down the days until I could leave and get a job.   I wanted to earn money and be independent.   I worked a part time job trying to...