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My Role
I work in a school with approximately 370 pupils.   The school comprises of 6 KS1 and 6 KS2 classes.   The school has 60 members of staff.   The school promotes ‘exciting and stimulating’ learning. (School website 2014)   I will keep the school’s name and children anonymous throughout due to ethical reasons. (Elton-Chalcraft 2008)(KU1.5)
I have been with the school for two years.   I started as a volunteer whilst I studied for my level 2 in Teaching and Learning within a School.   During my time in the school I have formed friendships with other staff members and I feel I am a valued member of staff, who the children and staff can trust and rely on.   My confidence has grown in the ways in which I interact with the children and my language has adapted to the specific child and their needs.
I am on the playground with the class teacher providing support to parents, children or other staff members.   Once the children are in class I help settle them and assist with any queries or upsets they might have.   I am predominantly there for two children who find working in school difficult but I think it is important the rest of the class know they can come to me with anything. Once lessons have started I then work with my group on their IEP’s (Individual education plan) and their IBP’s (Individual behaviour plan).   I will have spoken with my class teacher before school regarding the lesson plans and I also have my own plans to follow given to me weekly by the teacher.   The teacher tells me what the rest of the class are doing and I then decide whether this task suits the child.   Within my role I plan and prepare resources and activities for the pupils I work with. I try to make learning engaging by ‘bringing the subject alive, making the curriculum real and vivid, (Teaching and learning policy. School website 2014.) I have to make sure what I deliver enables the children to stay on task and they meet their targets. (KU1.1)
Support the curriculum
I assist with...