Over the past 20 years, the number of electronic equipment and communication tools that we have began to use has increased significantly. This situation led us to believe, whether the beneficial use of all of this for our own purposes and interests. With the introduction of modern technologies, new commercial opportunities, which business people can use to improve and accelerate the process of trading with customers and with other companies, started to appear. In this particular essay, I intend to consider what is the e-business and e-commerce and assess the impact of these new ways of doing business to the information management of a company, also I want to give some examples of the companies which have succeed in this field.
First of all I want to give the definition to e-business and e-commerce. As I know, e-biz is qualitatively new process of the technologies work, which allows the company to achieve competitive advantage through improved service to their customers and optimize their business relationships with partners. Mostly it happens with the support of Internet technology which is one of the main but not the only key aspect of e-business. E-commerce is the part of e-business. It associated with the performance of marketing functions, including the sale of goods and services online. According to these two definitions we are able to notice that e-com and e- biz is related but not the same thing.
Although it seems simple, but the essence of e-business is not limited to software and computers, as a traditional enterprise is not only out of the office and copier. The implementation of simple and clear ideas requires a revision of the whole model of business turnover. As well as traditional, e-business requires an integrated approach that includes planning and management, supporting technologies, processes and structure. . But despite all the facts, nowadays, e-biz plays very important role at the way of business information administration, it helps to make...