Mohamed Ibrahim
Geology 103
T Th, 12PM
Homework Assignment: Essea
Atmosphere Q&A
  1. The physical manifestations of change in the climate are expected to be what?
  * Higher temperatures and heat waves
  * Water uncertainty: drought, wildfire, extreme storm and flooding
  * Sea level rise
  * http://oaklandlocal.com/people/susan
  2. How Will Climate Change Affect Alameda County and the Bay Area?
  * While climate change is a global problem influenced by an array of interrelated factors, climate change is also a local problem with serious impacts foreseen for California and the Bay Area.
  * Impacts on plants and vegetation
  * Public health impact: Warming temperatures and increased precipitation can also encourage mosquito-breeding, thus engendering diseases that come with mosquitoes, such as the West Nile Virus, a disease of growing concern in our region
  * Natural disasters: Climate models predict a 4ºF temperature increase in the next 20 to 40 years, with an increase in the number of long dry spells, as well as a 20-30% increase in precipitation in the spring and fall.


  3. What is like Bay Area climate condition during winter, spring and summer?
      * The San Francisco Bay Area climate is characterized by moderately wet winters and dry summers. And for spring, it is mix wet, cold and windy.
      * Winter rains (December through March) account for about 75 percent of the average annual rainfall;
      * About 90 percent of the annual total rainfall is received in the November-April period; and between 15
      * June and 22 September, normal rainfall is typically less than 1/10 inch
      * http://hank.baaqmd.gov/dst/papers/bay_area_climate.pdf

  4.   Changes in sea level and precipitation patterns around the Bay Area could cause accelerated shoreline erosion.
  * The sea level is definitely rising, and it is jeopardizing rapidly growing coastal communities....