Duty of Care

Duty of care is responsibility of person giving care to provide the best care for service user,
but ensure to comply with health and safety of resident and my own. It is our duty and duty of employer to make sure that we provide high quality of care by using all the knowledge we gained from attended trainings. By using code of practice and person centred approach we bring persons interests, needs and cultural believes forward ensuring to give the best care possible.

Duty of care affects every person providing care.   It gives me resposibility to make sure we are competent enough to provide care by attending trainings and courses. Because I have a duty of care it gives me the right to speak up if I feel thet the care provided is bellow   the standard or if I thing that resident would not like certain things being done to them but could not speak up for themself. When using duty of care in practice, we it is our responsibility to keep records of activities of service user.

A dilema might arise if resident no longer wishes to use a walking frame, but the care plan clearly states that service user needs it to move from place to place and it is up to carers to ensure they encourage its use. Dilema arises between individual rights and health and safety protocol.
Dilema might arise if collegue or line manager asked me to provide care to resident who require two carers on my own. Dilema arises between me being disciplined and health and safety protocol.
Dilema might arise in nurse asked me to assist resident to go to bed for bed rest because of pressure sore, but resident refused to go. Dilema arises between human rights and duty of care.

If dilema arises between me and collegue I would seek for advice from collegue with a higer rank or a manager. I would look for information in proffesional code of practice or policy and procedures and legislations ( Health and Safety at Work Act )...