Duties of Hirer

The Duties Of Hirer

To pay instalments in accordance with the said agreement.
Not to remove, sell or dispose off the goods without the consent of the owner.
To inform the owner of any changes of address within 14 days.
Keep all receipts and relevant correspondent relating to the hire purchase agreement,   and the guarantee card.            
Make sure the contents of the hire agreement are the same as in the Notice of Second Schedule.
The owner has the right to repossess any goods when:-
a ) the hirer defaults in   2 successive monthly instalments or the last instalment. In the case where the hirer is deceased, defaults in 4 successive monthly instalments.                                                                                                                        
(b) The owner has served upon the hirer a notice in writing of his intention to repossess the goods in the form setout in the Fourth Schedule of the Hire Purchase Act, 1967, and
(c) The owner has given another notice 14 days after the above notice in (b) has been served.                                                
(d) A period of 21 days has expired after the service of the Fourth Schedule.

A hirer who returns the goods within 21 days after the service of the Fourth Schedule Notice shall not be liable to pay:-
(a) the cost of repossession;
(b) the cost incidental to taking possession; and
(c) the cost of storage

The owner is required to give a notice (Fifth Schedule) to the hirer and every guarantor within 21 days after the goods have been repossessed giving the hirer the opportunity to settle his obligations.
The owner must acknowledge taking possession by giving to the hirer a document acknowledging receipt of the goods, description of the goods, the date, the time and the place the owner took possession of the goods.
The owner has the right to sell the repossessed goods upon the expiry of 21 days after the Fifth Schedule has been served...