OPERATOR PACKAGING DEPT.                                                                                    
                                                                March 10, 2013

Heather Brockman
2663 S Keene
Mesa AZ 85209

Ph.:   480-751-0732
Email:   brocbrockman@yahoo.com

Education:     High School Diploma, Round Mountain Jr/Sr High        
                            School.   Round Mountain Nevada.

References:     Hector Brockman   480-306-3453
                            Amy Peeples     480-246-0605
                            Peter Edwards   480-600-5968

Employment:     February 2008/November 2008. Fresenius Dialysis
                        (Title, Position) Patient Care Technician and Lab.   Location
                          Mesa Az.
                                            November 2003/July 2006.   Southwest Kidney
                            Institute.   (Title, Position) Patient Care Technician, Lab,
                            Bio/Reuse Technician and Preceptor.   Location Gilbert
                                              October 1999/February 2003.   Gambro Dialysis.
                              (Title, Position) Patient Care Technician, Preceptor, and
                                staff pct, schedule.

Job title/Position descriptions.

Bio/Reuse Technician       Following facility Policy and Procedure, Msds Instructions, and PPE requirements.   Processing and Reprocessing of Patient dialyzer (kidney) after each TX.   Using bleach
and renalin (acetate) process.   Series of test done and recorded
ensuring accuracy of process.   Testing and documentation of RO
water system filtration process.   Mixing of Bicarbonate base solution
checking accuracy by ph.   Transfer acid solutions to large tanks.
Pressure and calibration testing on processing equipment.   Culture
draws done weekly on RO system....