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Sex Problems Can Ruin Marriage
There are many reasons why marriages fail; but sex is one of the main reasons people have problems. Sex in my opinion is a necessity when two people are companions because hormones need attention as well as emotional. However, as the article stated, men are afraid to explore other options or be taught something sexual because it deprives them of manhood. For example, oral sex with a woman and exploring her vaginal area is a problem with most men. It is vice versa with women as well. I believe that if a man knows that he is lacking in the sexual area he would not admit it. He wouldn’t show any signs of weakness. I think he probably would be embarrassed to even sit down and talk about their sex problems between him and his wife/girlfriend.   To move on, women also start to have insecurities within them especially when aging and physical changes occur. Some women find it hard to ejaculate because they do not completely feel comfortable engaging in certain sexual activities, oral sex, and maybe role play. Ultimately, communication and exploring new ideas could possibly help keep marriages alive. Having new ideas while having sex can help you remain or better you relationship by having frequent sexual intercourses. The older you get you do tend to drift away from the feeling of sex, but newlyweds and couples that only been married for a few years need to keep the sex alive in order to keep the relationship alive. Around the age of 30’s and 40’s both men and woman start to slow down their sexual intercourses. For what I know a lot of people and couple still continue to have sex beyond their 30’s and 40’s. It depends on how healthy your body is in order to perform in all the sexual activities as you get older.

Crystal Blue
June 24, 2011
Dr. Kelly
Article 2 Sex Problems can Ruin Marriage