Body sculping
Someone directed Ioka to hold the flower upside down, to represent her life turning upside down. , this comment specifically has   deepened my understanding   considerably more regarding   ioka’s past   life; this was effective as it was highly symbolic as it showed Ioka’s life and how it is. Another comment made   was to stretch her arm out as if she is reaching for her past , I disagree with these instructions as I do not think someone would want to remember or reach out for their past if they have   had negative experiences. Effective lighting was used at this point; lighting slowly dimmed and the red light faded. This was effective as it conveyed ioka’s sadness red represented anger and it also gave us a glimpse of how she felt at that particular moment in her life. I instructed her to slowly lift her left arm up in the air and look at the flower in disgust; I chose this movement to show how much she hated the fact that her father had died in the fire. To add to this Naima told Ioka to put the flower near her heart, the flower represented her father, so the subtext behind this was that it showed that she still loves her father. Even tough, I had never experienced what ioka has been through it still provoked an emotional response as I have seen on the news the amount of devastation and suffering it causes to people.

One moment I particularly liked was when everyone threw a red flower on me; I think this was very effective as this moment had a lot of subtext and symbolism. The throwing of the flower symbolized marriage as ioka’s mum and dad we’re getting married. I felt that this flashback has given me an insight of the relatshionship between ioka’s parents before the fire, and I think I have also realized how flashbacks could help to develop a play.