Drama Insues

Heather Thurston
Chapter Question 12 + 13
November 26, 2011
MGMT 140 W02

1.   In my opinion OSHA was enacted to do exactly what it does.   In my line of work which is construction and serving the state in the dept. of public works OSHA is there to oversee that safety measures are taken and implemented correctly.   Furthermore because of the watchful eye of OSHA workers I’ve witnessed potential catastrophes completely diverted due to OSHA guidelines.   When I ask some of the old timers in my work what it was like before them they tell me there were a lot more industry related accidents and sometimes deaths.

2.   A formal program of safety measures must be implicated and enforced by employers.   Human Resource coordinates safety awareness programs that encourage safety of every department in a corporation.   In order to increase motivation for safety I would implement some type of rewards system for consecutive days of safety.

A. Since smoking is a choice I believe management should have on site campus or areas designated for smokers to smoke during appropriate breaks.
B.   To reduce affects of VDT’s employers must encourage and enforce appropriate breaks for workers that use computers or follow monitors all day.   Even if it is for five minutes it may decrease productivity in short term but healthy employees will increase productivity in long run.
C.   On the subject of AIDS I believe we as a society have empowered ourselves with knowledge of this subject.   However, employers may want to provide a seminar addressing myths and facts of this disease.

4.   I personally have a list that is most likely similar to lots in my age group.   I could eat healthier, smoke less, exercise more.   My job keeps me in pretty good shape in anaerobic terms.   I should increase aerobic exercise.   A lifetime program would include regular checkups and seeing a nutritionist, incorporated with regular exercise.

5.   Every company drug tests.   There is no more reasonable cause....